Baptism Sign-Up

A Message to Water Baptism Candidates

Congratulations on your commitment to making Jesus Christ the Lord of your life! Acts 2:38 commands us to, “repent and be baptized…” Your decision to be baptized in water is an act of obedience to this biblical instruction.

Guidelines for Water Baptismal Candidates

– Come dressed in clothes you will be baptized in.
Please wear only dark colored clothing.
Knee length shorts or pants are appropriate. No skirts or dresses.

– Bring a towel and a change of clothes.

– Please meet at the Reception Office 30 minutes before service begins for instructions.

– Baptismal will take place after the sermon.


*Pastor Michael must approve all children being baptized.
*For children under the age of 7, we have two baby dedication services every year.

Baptisms are celebrated and held monthly on a Wednesday evening. We will inform you ahead of time by phone or email to make sure you can attend.

The children's Pastor must approve all children being baptized. Please indicate if you will need assistance due to a medical disability.