Volunteer in Orphan Care

Help foster and adoptive families with various needs.

Sign up to support families who have stepped up to the call to care for children who are in need of families locally and around the world. It's nice to meet you!

Being a foster parent is one way to help a foster child, but it isn’t the only way. This work takes a team approach and sometimes the best thing you can do is bring dinner. You may wonder how dinner helps, other than just the physical provision of food, but the time you invest in making that meal is time that foster parents can invest in relationship building with the child. There are so many other examples– bringing diapers, having groceries delivered, praying for the child and family, dropping off coffee for an exhausted mom, taking their bio or adopted kids on a fun adventure so the focus can be on the foster child, providing childcare so the family can go to court. There is a wrong impression that doing something for foster kids requires actually being the one to invest in the foster kid. What many of us know is that when you invest in the foster FAMILY or the foster PARENTS you are actually doing the best thing possible for the foster child. They need to bond with those parents. They need to feel safe and loved by consistent adults who can provide nurture, structure and stability for them. They don’t need a rotating parade of adults in and out of their lives to say nice things to them. When you can build into the foster parents, the foster child will reap the rewards.

"Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves,
for the rights of all who are destitute."
-Proverbs 31:8 (NIV)

This is the circle of support.  In these four primary and four secondary areas  this is how our church can volunteer to support the foster or adoptive families in our church, and in our community. We hope to expand beyond these areas in the future, but for right now, we would like to focus on providing childcare, meals, prayer, a family advocate, celebration, handyman, essentials, and a support group to walk along side these families. Where do you fit in with Crossroads Orphan Care?

Prayer Team

We can't do much without prayer. It is the backbone of this ministry. In this team, you will be asked to regularly pray for foster and adoptive families. Your prayers would mean the world to these families!

Childcare Team

Not only does it take special skills to be a childcare worker, but it's also a calling. As a childcare volunteer, you are providing a few hours of relief for foster and adoptive parents to go out on date nights, reset after a long week, or just to get some alone time. This helps our parents emotionally, spiritually, and even relationally, especially in their marriage. This does take a bit of a longer process to become a babysitter because of the training and classes needed that the state requires. But remember, it's all worth it if it helps just one family.

Meals Team

Providing a meal to a family who just accepted a foster child into their home means the world! They don't have to worry about cooking dinner for that week, instead, they can focus their time on bonding with the children. If you love to cook and make a difference in orphan care, this is the place for you!

Family Advocate Team

In this team, you will provide tangible mentorship and guidance in the foster or adoption process. If you have had prior experience in the foster or adoption system, this team is for you. Your past experiences in orphan care will help families guide them through trainings, classes, government documents, and paperwork, as well as partnerships with the child placing agency, social workers, and biological families.

Celebration Team

In this team, you will provide an awesome experience to the family and the children of the family.

Handyman Team

In this team, you will provide the ability to repair or assist a family needing to meet standards of living for the children in their home.

Essentials Team

In this team, you will provide the foster famly with the essentials that they may need with a soon to come foster child.

Support Team (Life Group)

In this team, you will provide a safe place for foster and adoptive parents and children to feel safe to come and share and be themselves. You may be the host to allow the group into your home and you may be asked to help coordinate a fellowship or gathering.