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Houston Master's Commission 

Know God and Make Him Known!

Joshua Gomez

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Who We Are

Houston Master's Commission is a one to two- year program that helps cultivate maturity within spiritual growth, discipleship, and personal development. We strive to create an environment that allows our students to grow in their relationship with Christ, while learning practical life skills that will help them succeed in their future aspirations. Houston Master's Commission is committed to equipping our students to become well-rounded individuals ready to reach the world for Jesus. Our Mission is to Know God and Make Him Known. We believe in order to make Him known, one must first know Him. Houston Master's Commission is a wonderful greenhouse to help young people know what they believe and why.

What We Offer

First Year Student
Discover who you are in Christ and
cultivate a Christ-centered Foundation

      Biblical Discipleship  
     Hands-On Experience in Ministry
Character Development
Berean School of the Bible (Global University)

In Houston Master's Commission, a First Year Student can expect to grow into the best version of themselves that goes beyond being a student. They will learn how to grow in their prayer life, build and cultivate a strong biblical foundation for life, fellowship and build relationships with peers as well as in their local community, and experience what full-time ministry looks like first-hand.

Second Year Student-Leader
 Develop your influence and integrity
as a student leader.

Leadership Training.
Speaking and Teaching Development
Specific Ministry Focus
Assemblies of God Credentialing (South Texas District)

A Second Year Student-Leader in Houston Master's Commission can expect to develop and step into their leadership abilities through the experience of becoming a student-leader. They will learn how to lead their fellow peers, be given opportunities to help lead services, as well as obtain credentials and earn their certification in ministry.

Ministry Focused Training

Houston Master's Commission is based in Crossroads Fellowship, which provides a number of opportunities to grow in different areas of ministry. Our home church offers ministries such as youth, kids, tech, worship, outreaches, prayer ministries, as well as orphan care. Houston Master's Commission also travels to other churches during the school year to minister to different youth groups. During these travel services, a student can expect to participate in worship, games, sharing personal testimonies, as well as opportunities to pray over youth students.


HMC students will be enrolled in Global University’s Berean School of the Bible online courses. Global University’s Berean School of the Bible is a continuing education program equipping adult students to lead their churches. The comprehensive Berean School of Bible Digital Courses curriculum provides the academic training you need to receive Berean School of the Bible’s Ministerial Studies Diploma. *HMC students will complete Level One Ministerial Certificate.
Berean School of the Bible Level One Courses Outline: 

● Christ in the Synoptic Gospels
● Introduction to Hermeneutics: How to Interpret the Bible
● New Testament Survey

 ● Old Testament Survey
● A Spirit-Empowered Church: An Acts 2 Ministry Model
● Relationships and Ethics in Ministry
● Beginning Ministerial Internship
● Introduction to Pentecostal Doctrine
● Assemblies of God History, Missions, and Governance
● Introduction to Theology
Global University: Berean School of the Bible
Upon completion of the Level One Ministerial Certificate, a student should possess the academic requirements to apply for Certified Minister status with the US General Council of the Assemblies of God. This would include a working knowledge of Bible study methods, New Testament content, and Pentecostal doctrine. They should possess the basic skills needed to begin serving in a ministerial role in the local church. Please note: Ministerial credentials are issued by The General Council of the Assemblies of God, not by Global University. This program provides academic training, not ministerial recognition.


The cost for this life-changing program is $7000.00 which includes registration, Berean School of the Bible courses tuition, housing, utilities, access to  various training and resources, and administrative costs.  

During the HMC School Year fundraising opportunities will help offset tuition costs. HMC students help volunteer and fundraise through but not limited to Aramark, The Houston Texans, Monster Jam, and The Houston Livestockshow and Rodeo. All money raised will go towards the student volunteer tuition. (*All HMC students are required to help volunteer with fundraising.)

Bethany House (Girls)

Core Values:
Sisterhood,  Accountability, and  Integrity

House of Engedi (Boys)

Core Values:
Brotherhood,  Honesty,  and  Humility

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,"

Matthew 28:19

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